Pre-Procedure Instructions

All patients having sedation MUST HAVE A RIDE HOME

If you are having IV sedation, no food or drink for at least 5 hours before your check-in time. Otherwise, it is okay to eat. It is also okay to have pain medication and high blood pressure medication with a small amount of water.

You will need to have STOPPED any of the following medication(s) 7 days prior to your procedure: this list is as comprehensive as possible, but not exclusive. If you have doubt or questions regarding your medication(s), please contact our office at (503) 292–7005.

  Advil        Clinoril         Indocid     Naproxen       Ticlid      Aggrenox
  Daypro    Ketoprofen   Orudis      Tolectin          
Aleve      Excedrin
  Lodine    Oruvail          Toradol    
 Anaprox         Feldene  Mobic
  Trental    Persantine   
 Ansaid      Fragmin         Motrin    Relafen
  Arthotec  Vitamin E     Naprosyn  Nabumetone  Reopro    Ibuprofen
  Aspirin    Naprosyn      Ginko Bioba       

If you are taking Plavix or Clopidogrel, then you will need to have STOPPED 10 days prior to your procedure.

You will need to have STOPPED any of the following medications 5 days prior to your procedure (note: you will need to check with the prescribing provider before stopping any of the following).

  Coumadin     Enoxaparin      Heparin      Lovenox      Warfarin

If you are currently taking any of these medication(s), then you will need to have a blood test completed on the day of your procedure. Please contact our office to arrange this before your procedure date.

All of the medication(s) listed above may cause prolonged bleeding. Please remember that if you have not stopped these medication(s) in time, your procedure will have to be canceled.

Please be courteous, we require 24 hours notification for all cancellations, this allows us time to bring in patients on our waiting list.