The Latest in Multidisciplinary Pain Care
What is multidisciplinary pain care?

Multidisciplinary pain care is that which is delivered by a team of healthcare professionals representing different medical and related health disciplines.

Why is multidisciplinary care more effective? When individual treatments fail, multidisciplinary pain management is often the patient’s best option. A multidisciplinary team multiplies each member’s individual capabilities to deliver the most comprehensive and most effective pain relief possible.

At Pain Management Consultants our Providers are dedicated to staying at the forefront of pain management. Working as a group along with Psychologists, Physical and Occupational Therapists they are dedicated to full-time pain management using interventional and behavioral techniques. They also host multidisciplinary meetings at least once a month to discuss and optimize patient care.  This allows the team to individualize treatment using multiple modalities to meet the needs of the patient.

Their team is committed to helping you find relief and dedicated to achieving the best results with a variety of interventional and multidisciplinary pain management techniques.